The Second Pennsylvania Regiment Uniform

We depict the Second Pennsylvania Regiment as it looked in the years after Valley Forge, when the Continental Army had achieved a level of discipline and had become an effective and competent fighting force able, at last, to take the offensive and stand up to the experienced soldiers of King George III.

As per Washington’s regulations, we wear blue wool regimental coats with red trimming (called “facings”) as required for troops from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. By this time, most of the army’s uniforms were being provided by France so our coats are correctly tailored in the French style.

Just as reported in the inspection returns of the original unit, our “small clothes” (vests, shirts, breeches) are of “sundry colors.”

The leather gear varies in quality from simple homemade cartridge pouches with woven straps to sturdy patriot copies of those worn by the British.

The painted canvas knapsacks are like those known to have
been issued to Pennsylvania and Maryland troops.

Cloth haversacks, tin or wood canteens and black felt
hats of various styles complete the impression.

A simple cloth “hunting shirt” is sometimes substituted for
the regimental coat when we wish to depict an
early-war appearance.

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