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 The Second Pennsylvania Regiment joined with its two sister "Corps of the Continental Line" regiments to journey to Paris at the invitation ofthe French government and participate in the final official event of the Bicentennial, the signing of the Treaty of Paris at the Palace of Versailles. The regiments were housed in French Army barracks immediately outside the city and escorted by heavily armed army motorcyclists in fast- moving bus convoys each day into town. Life in the barracks was an adventure in itself and the trips into town were more than just memorable. Of course, there was time to tour the city in search of military antiques or just to see the famous sites and eat great food. One of our first programs was a parade through the city streets to Les Invalides, the French Army Museum and tomb of Napoleon. Here, in the imposing courtyard, there was a moving tribute to the French and American soldiers who fought in the war and a presentation of flags of our regiments and those of the French units who traveled to America.
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