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The Second Pennsylvania Regiment
& The Forty Third Regiment of Foot

Add excitement and authentic color to your special event, or create one for your site, with one of America’s most respected and experienced living history organizations. Whether it is a commemoration, reenactment, motion picture, opening ceremony or other endeavor, we can provide “patriots” or “redcoats” to recreate the eventful days of the American Revolution in absorbing and exquisite detail and make your occasion one that people will long remember.

Founded in 1966, the regiment is a reliable and highly regarded leader in historical recreation. It consistently appears with accuracy and energy on behalf of groups and institutions that demand the highest quality. Clients have included the National Park Service, the City of Quebec, English Heritage, the U.S. National Guard Association, Winterthur, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, The Company of Military Historians, The National Trust for Historic Preservation, Mount Vernon, Colonial Williamsburg, the government of France, and more. It appears in films seen at Valley Forge, Morristown, Yorktown and Kings Mountain National Parks, Brandywine Battlefield Park and the new Tower of London Armoury Museum in Leeds, England.

Other credits include the Washington and Revolution television mini-series, A&E Network’s Liberty, and the acclaimed PBS series The American Experience, in addition to productions for The History Channel, The Travel Channel and PBS affiliates in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Over the years it has taken the field at places as diverse as the huts at Valley Forge, the Green at New Castle, Delaware, the mall at Washington D.C., the courtyard at Dover Castle and the grounds of the Palace of Versailles. It has also played the role of honor guard for a variety of dignitaries including the Prince of Denmark, Gen. Norm Schwartzkopf and Presidents Clinton and Bush. Clearly, it is an organization of dedicated volunteers with professional capabilities.

Imagine an 18th Century encampment filled with the tents and baggage of a company of men from the American Revolution. Soldiers drill. Fifers and drummers practice their martial airs. Artillery crewmen tend to their bronze-barreled field piece. Campfollowers busy themselves over cooking fires or repair uniforms with needle and thread. This fascinating campsite is the focal point of a typical appearance by the regiment. Here the public can get an intriguing firsthand look at the life of the fighting men of our War for Independence. From the camp, the men march out several times each day to demonstrate the musketry and tactics used by soldiers more than two centuries ago. Each vivid, narrated demonstration is filled with smoke and fire and ends with a spirited bayonet charge. Handcrafted equipment and colorful uniforms valued at tens of thousands of dollars underline the level of authenticity of each regimental appearance.

Whether you want a living history demonstration at a local site, an outstanding backdrop to an important ceremony or a battle reenactment with 2,000 men, the regiment can help you…and at a cost far less than the average 30-minute fireworks display. For more information about this unique group and to discuss how it can make your project truly outstanding, you are invited to contact us.

We look forward to helping you turn back the pages of history in an extraordinary way!

Contact: Major Paul Loane


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