Make an impression that will rock the battlefield! Just like today, artillery was the “king of battle” centuries ago and you can be part of its proud tradition serving in exciting battle reenactments on an exact reproduction of an 18th Century muzzle-loading cannon.

Our accurate bronze Verbruggen barrel is mounted on a handcrafted oak and iron carriage and is part of the nation’s oldest and most respected Revolutionary War living history organization, The Second Pennsylvania Regiment and Forty-Third Regiment of Foot. Whether depicting the famed Royal Artillery or the Continental Army, our gun brings its amazing thunder to historic sites and battle enactments throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Get the authentic feel of history in a unique and remarkable way while you bring the past to life, support historic preservation and reveal the story of our nation’s most crucial years to an appreciative public…and have a lot of fun doing it!

Our organization, founded in 1966, is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational association, so everything you buy or do in conjunction with our unit is tax-deductible. We can even loan you the uniform and equipment you need at the beginning while you are putting your own kit together.  Questions? See our Q&A page at: questionsandanswers.html or, contact us at: .

Although these easily-deployed 18th century weapons may seem crude today, at the time they were expensive, cutting-edge technology. Centuries of refinements had been made to artillery by the time of the Revolution and gun crews were made up of well-trained, resolute and skilled men who were expected to give unflinching support on the battlefield and send shot, shell and grapeshot tearing through the enemy’s lines hundreds of yards away. You can be part of the action and honor the legacy!

To join, simply download an application at: 2017Application.pdf .

Turn off the TV. Put down the book. Discover something way better than a video game! Be with others who have found this great way to enjoy History and become part of this enjoyable pastime of substance and value.

It’s truly a blast from the past!

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