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    In August, 1987 the regiment, portraying the 43rd Regiment of Foot,
was part of a British Brigade-Continental Line excursion to England.
Sponsored by English Heritage and a British supermarket chain, the
participants were housed gratis in a school building in the ancient town of
Saffron Waldon where everyone got to know the pubs intimately. Many members
took advantage of the offer to travel there a week early and spend the time
sightseeing before the program officially began. There were performances at
famous Dover Castle and elsewhere and wearing a "red coat" certainly made us
heroes to the locals. The week-long visit culminated in a two-day battle
reenactment on the spacious grounds of Audley End House where the Crown
Forces beat back an invasion of Continentals supposedly landed from a fleet
commanded by John Paul Jones. Not quite historically correct but it produced
a spectacle not seen before by our friends across the pond. It was another
memorable event in the long annals of the regiment filled, as usual, with
friendship and great experiences.
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